Small Groups

We grow our relationships and faith in these smaller, more intimate groups. We meet in homes. We pray, study God's Word, and share life together.



Youth Groups


Mustard Seeds (Junior Youth Grades 3-8)

Footprints (Senior Youth Grades 9-12)

Young Adults (University/College & Older)



(under 18, co-ed slow pitch softball team)


We play in the junior division of the Chinese Christian Softball Association




Children's Choir

Our Children's Choir performs several times during the special times like Christmas and Easter.



Mission Trips &
Support Groups

We support Richard and Alison Wong (China); Sam and Linda Ling (Central Asia); Toby and Loretta Mak (Tanzania); Longlac Native Mission in northern Ontario; and Presbyterian International and Canadian Ministries.

We encourage participation in short-term mission opportunities for individuals and families.



Worship Teams

We're always looking for people with a heart to praise God. If you love God, love music and singing, we'd love to have you!



Baptism & Confirmation

We encourage those who are ready to take their next step of faith. Baptism and confirmation classes help people figure out whether they're ready to take this step.



Care And Counseling

We are here to help in anyway. At the very least, we will listen and pray for you.


Need more information? Interested in joining?

Contact our pastor.

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